How to Stay Creative

We all enjoy a chance to be creative. This video from TO-FU shows you 29 specific ways to enhance a creative streak. This streak is of vital importance to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurialism at it’s heart is about creative problem solving. It’s about solving a problem for a profit. It doesn’t always have to be in a new way, but coming up with good ideas to solve challenges can be a big part of a Trep’s day. The goal of me showing you this video is to help you maintain the flow of ideas by keeping you at peak creativity.

It was quite interesting that singing in the shower is a way to stay creative, but I must agree most with getting away from your computer. We often spend too much time working at our computers (myself included). In my own experience, I have found that just getting away from my work space allows me to be more creative. Relaxing with a pen and paper where I can write, draw, and detail out exactly what I’m thinking. On a computer, you are pretty much stuck with typing it out or trying to draw with a mouse. One of the biggest things you can do to enhance creativity is open up your mind. Limiting yourself by using a computer just doesn’t give you the full effect of letting it flow!

Technology today is allowing us to do more and more though. I know there are a few options out there for free-handing notes on tablets. I’ve never used that though. Let us know in the comments if something like that works well for you.

Tim Wolf

Author: Tim Wolf

Tim Wolf is a entrepreneurial visionary who is inspired by helping people see what is possible and bring the best of themselves to the world.

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