Entrepreneurial Education for Kids

The vast improvements that have happened in the last 5 years have outpaced the previous 10 years combined… and it just keeps changing more rapidly.


Businesses today, even small ones, have a global reach. The internet has evened the playing field creating massive opportunities and connections that weren’t possible just a short decade ago. Think about this… Even Facebook, which is such a big part of so many people’s lives and businesses, is just barely 10 years old.

The business landscape itself has changed even more. Rapidly increasing numbers of individuals are headed to self-employment and starting their own companies. Even in the workplace, large groups of people are telecommuting or being turned to contract labor. With this comes more freedom, innovation, and a world that most people simply aren’t familiar with. Adults both young and old are having to learn new things that their education never prepared them for.

And for today’s kids, the challenge will be even greater as the innovation across every disciplines continues to accelerate rapidly. I want you to pause and really think about this next statement. How much this changes the game. Children who are in kindergarten today won’t reach retirement age until around 2070… Can you feel the raw “Whoa!” from that?

Not until 2070! We don’t even know what the world will look like then. We have no idea what our children will need to know to succeed in that world. If something as game-changing as Facebook happened in 10 years… What will the next 60 be like? How can we teach them to succeed in that world? It comes down to this… Education must evolve!

We are excited to bring together the greatest  minds in entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth to help properly prepare children for this future.  Our current education system was born out of industrialism to create good factory employees. And at the time, maybe it worked, but now there has to be more.

If we want a future, especially if we want a bright one, we need to gift our children with creative thinking, problem-solving, entrepreneurial minds. Minds that are equipped to deal with a rapidly changing world and the ability to improve that world.

Join us now to find out how you can help make this a reality. We are just getting started but we must all work together to make a change happen. Fill out your contact information below to show your support and we will be sending you updates on our journey and how we will be creating an entrepreneur explosion.